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BG/BG GR/CY/GE/MD/MK/ME Ch BALT/EE/LV/LT VCh Finnish Junior Winner '10 Belarus Winner '15 Shacal Rosmariini

    • Finnish Lapphund (bitch)
    • Sire: Orso-Farm Rakuuna
    • Dam: Shacal Ökkötökö
    • DOB 21 Aug 2009
    • Bred by Saara Sampakoski (Shacal)
    • Eyes clear (Dec '15), hip score B/C, elbow score 0/0 (computed tomography), free from patella luxation and heart murmurs, prcd-PRA Normal/Clear, Pompe disease Normal/Clear

Kielo (Finnish for 'lily of the valley') joined the household in October 2009. She is a granddaughter of Hertta and therefore extra precious to me. Her show career had a flying start as she took Best in Match in her very first match show, and went all the way to Runner-up to BPIS at the 40th Specialty show of The Lapphund Club of Finland. This and other successes in the puppy class made her joint Top Finnish Lapphund Puppy 2010. Kielo's first appearance in the junior class took place when she was nine months and one day old, and I was gobsmacked when she took the second place in the bitch challenge and was awarded a reserve CC out of an entry of 42 Lappies! Her second time out went even better as Kielo went all the way to best bitch taking her first CC. On her third outing she not only won her second CC but went on to take BOB, Group-1 and Runner-up to BIS. Fourth show - third CC, BOB, and Group-4. And so on. At the age of two years and one week, Kielo had no less than 13 conformation titles to her credit! Furthermore, she gained her qualifying CACIB for the C.I.B title just four days after the "one year and one day" rule was fulfilled. Fast forward a few years, Kielo took the Estonian veteran champion title on her very first outing as a veteran. Lithuanian, Latvian and Baltic veteran titles followed in quick succession, but then Kielo came down with pyometra and a lot of coat got shaved off for the operation. By the time the fur on her belly had grown back the rest of the coat had got unnecessarily long and profuse as often happens to spayed Lappie bitches, so Kielo's veteran career was sadly over before it properly began. Not just a pretty face, Kielo passed the reindeer herding aptitude test in Pello in April 2014. An exemplary mother, Kielo's first (and only) litter of five bitches was born in August 2013. This charming lady was co-owned with Tapio Kakko of the Jäkäläkummun kennel and I would like to thank both breeder Saara and co-owner Tapio for letting me have her!

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