Cantavia Finnish Lapphunds


Finnish Lapphund puppies born on the 14th of April by Taigahaun Pakkaspeikon Polkka (pet name Rihtu) out of Cantavia Riekonmarja (pet name Alma). No enquiries please! Go to KoiraNet for the pedigree of this litter.

I chose Rihtu for Alma because of his more unusual pedigree, and his faultless rear should hopefully complement Alma's slightly too sloping one. What is more, their temperaments go well together: according to his owner, Rihtu is "a versatile and brave dog with a high working drive and lots of determination. He has a tendency to guard but otherwise keeps quiet. He can also be a big softie!" Alma is happy, friendly, full of life and quick to learn. What I am not too keen on, however, is her tendency to dominate other bitches, although she does get along with everyone eventually.

In terms of hereditary diseases and defects, the known risks are rather small. There are some cases of cryptorchidism and poor hips in the near family, and one of the litter brothers of the sire has been diagnosed with hereditary cataract.

Taigahaun Pakkaspeikon Polkka - photo by Petra Palukka

Sire Taigahaun Pakkaspeikon Polkka

  • 8 years old, one previous litter
  • Eyes clear (Mar '21)
  • Hip score A/A (Finnish Kennel Club EBV 109)
  • Elbow score 0/0
  • prcd-PRA Normal/Clear
  • Pompe disease (GSD II) Normal/Clear
  • Degenerative myelopathy Normal/Clear
  • Shown twice, graded Good (Junior class) and Very Good (Open class)

Cantavia Riekonmarja - photo by Taru Vallius

Dam Cantavia Riekonmarja (see Alma's personal page and photo gallery)

  • Almost 4 years old, no previous litters
  • Eyes clear (Sep '20)
  • Hip score C/C (Finnish Kennel Club EBV 91)
  • Elbow score 0/0
  • Patella score 0/0
  • Heart clear (Sep '20)
  • prcd-PRA Normal/Clear
  • Pompe disease (GSD II) Normal/Clear by parentage
  • Degenerative myelopathy Normal/Clear
  • Shown a few times with Very Good and Excellent gradings